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This project involved working in collaboration with a builder to design this home, to a budget, for a family of three. Inspired by ideas of simple living within ones means, the house was conceived as a modest cube, set in a generous landscape. A 7.5m x 7.5m building footprint means that even though the site is a small battleaxe site, there is extensive space still available for outdoor space. All rooms have access to the outdoors, for ventilation and views and as an extension of their usable space. The living areas are positioned on the first floor, with unobscured an unobscured northly aspect, and open onto a shaded outdoor room to the east. The ground floor rooms open onto either the northern garden or the rear shaded courtyard. The stair well has a large corner window to capture the easterly view, where there are established gum trees on the neighbouring site. The northern facade is protected by a two storey trellis, which will develop over time and with the seasons, to protect both ground and first floor rooms from harsh summer sun, whilst allowing in winter sun.

Working with a quality custom builder who pays attention to the details, from inception, had numerous benefits; given the tight budget, we were able to assess all design decisions against cost with confidence, with the input of the contractor who would eventually build the home; we benefited from the expertise in construction methodology, material selection and detailing that a builder brings to the table; and we were all able to enjoy the collaborative feel of working together as a team, each contributing our individual wisdom and expertise, including the owner and future residents of the house.

Construction in progress on site, estimated completion of mid 2021


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