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Designed in collaboration with Clare Mengler

Extensive additions to a diminutive bungalow that occupied the middle of a large beachside site. The bungalow is retained, with the majority of rooms, walls and openings maintained. It is split in two along existing wall lines, with new circulation and ancillary spaces added adjacent to it on each side of the ground floor. New living spaces are located in an addition above. The result are two independent homes, each with new spacious living spaces and balconies orientated to the north and unconstrained by the geometry of the existing structure. Rooms within the existing structure are maintained or updated to bedrooms on the ground floor, where the mass and orientation is better suited to sleeping areas. The charm and eccentricities of the existing home are allowed to shine through, and are complemented with new casual beachside finishes and textures.

Process sketches + diagrams (above)

>> READ MORE about the design process for this project.


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