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A significant renovation on a riverfront property in Claremont.

Refreshing a dated and heavy staircase in the entry foyer, with a new playful form and structure. A desire to minimise waste resulted in the reuse of the existing jarrah treads, which were carefully removed from the original staircase and recoated by the skilled cabinetmakers at Project Interiors. The staircase incorporated additional storage via a coats cupboard under the main stair run and a new console that merges into a stair tread. This create a practical and dramatic drop off zone in what was previously a cavernous entry foyer.

The house was not ideally orientated, with little natural light permitted into the building along the northern side. Adding windows to the northern side of the lounge dramatically improved the quality of light and therefore the quality of that room. The approach of reuse was again applied in this room, with an existing marble fireplace the owners had salvaged from a previous home installed between the new windows. The brick hearth was a remnant from the original room, which we chose to maintain and refresh, creating a pleasing juxtaposition of materials and a warm focal point to the room.

The overall result is an understated luxury, a warm, comfortable and relaxed feel, with ample character and interest through use of materials and colour. This is very much a reflection of the owners themselves, with the design a result of a wonderful collaboration with them.

Excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship by contractors Project Interiors who manufactured the stair and builder Capozzi Building ensured a quality outcome. Original renovation to the home by Interior Designers Arent and Pyke.


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