This apartment represents a different approach to home ownership, based on making the most of smaller, more affordable spaces.

The apartment was purchased very cheaply, being in its original unrenovated state from the 1960s. It was a brave move to purchase it as it was not in good condition, and it was intended to be lived in by the owner. The renovation was completed for approximately $40,000. The property was purchased with a 20% deposit, and the mortgage is $120/wk, making housing costs a very comfortable arrangement for the owner.

Because it is a small space, the things we focused on in the renovation were improving the quality of light, both natural and artificial, in each room; improving the aspect to the outdoors by greening the balcony; simplifying the planning to make each room more efficient, and using simple but bold, textural finishes for impact. The result is a warm, pleasant, very comfortable and very affordable home.