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Sharing today a story from some time ago, but perennially relevant to anyone wondering who are the people interested in shared use and/or ownership of a home.

Meet Leanne. Leanne was keen to buy her rental property with two other people, and develop it, via small additions to the existing house and granny flat, into a green 'urban village'. Leanne shares many characteristics we find common in people interested in this type of housing: a single person household, looking for a way to live in a less isolated way, in community, not afraid to think 'outside the box', with an interest in sustainable design and living and keen to have a vegetable garden (yes, and chooks!). And not only this, Leanne had what we consider an essential characteristic to getting projects like this off the ground: she was willing to take the initiative herself and to drive the project forward. So many projects that do reach successful fruition have someone like Leanne at the forefront: driving it from day one with their tenacity and passion for a better way of life, and pushing through hurdles that come up along the way.

Unfortunately, Leanne wasn't able to find others interested in time for this particular site. But are you someone who can see some parts of yourself in Leanne? If so, please get in touch and see how we can help you get your shared use or ownership project off the ground. If you are willing to drive the project before others can see the benefit that is clear to you, I am ready to stand with you, being your advocate and using my expertise to advise and guide along the way where useful. I look ofrward ot meeting you!


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