The City of Nedlands is undergoing a Local Planning Scheme amendment, to update the current 30 year old scheme and to respond to growing pressures to accommodate more households within the City. There has been much debate about the most appropriate form of density to introduce within the City. The Henry Project Model offers an alternative response to plans to increase density through increased built form. 


The Henry Project offers a solution which involves increasing the density of households on a site without the need to increase the density of the built environment.  


The Henry Project provides opportunities for multiple parties to share a single title, where they would be living independently, with some common areas.

It is a housing option very suitable for Nedlands. The single title, multi-household model developed by The Henry Project has the potential to offer a meaningful solution for landowners by improving living standards and wellbeing, and allowing them to share their home with up to two other households.

To introduce and explain this Model, The Henry Project is holding free public events within the City of Nedlands:

  information event      

This public Information Event is an opportunity to:

  • hear from Architect and Founder of The Henry Project, Meriam Salama

  • learn more about what the model involves, including some example case studies within the City of Nedlands

  • find out what steps you can take as a homeowner if you are interested in living in this way

  • answer any questions you might have about the model

Mayor Max Hipkins will speak briefly on the evening, offering his thoughts of the model:

"I am a strong supporter of The Henry Project. I believe these housing concepts are particularly suited to Nedlands where there are pressures to increase residential densities at this time but also to protect the character of existing environments. Many residents are currently considering their housing options and this presents a real alternative."

Read full letter of endorsement from Mayor Hipkins.

Places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. A waitlist will be set-up as needed.

  one on one sessions   

These one on one sessions are an opportunity to:

  • meet one on one with Architect Meriam Salama, and other adaptive reuse of housing specialists, to discuss your specific needs and property

  • bring your house plans to have a discussion about how it might be possible to modify your home for multiple parties

  • have any questions which relate directly to your circumstance answered

  • find out what steps you can take as a homeowner beyond this initial review.

When you register we will be in touch to organise a specific 30 min time slot with a specific practitioner, sometime between 6:30pm - 8:30pm, on a first come - first served basis.


Places are very limited to allow enough time for each session, so please book early to avoid disappointment. A waitlist will be set-up as needed.

If you are involved in local government and would like to know how The Henry Project Model might be relevant to your area, please get in touch.