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Services & Expertise

Areas of expertise:

  • Renovations, Alterations & Additions to Existing Homes

  • New Homes

  • Multi-Unit Developments

  • Multi-Household Dwellings

  • Co-Living & Co-Housing

  • Street Activation

  • Community & Institutional Projects 


The corner stone on any THP project is a process of deep listening with the people we serve. This attitude of empathy underpins every stage of work, driving us to deliver delightful and sustainable design solutions that respond to people’s actual needs. Our process is collaborative, ensuring solutions benefit from our client’s unique wisdom and insight. We offer our clients the assurance of an attentive and personal service, in aid of nurturing their ideas and vision.

All services can be tailored to suit each individual client, with a scope of works adjusted to suit each owner and budget.

  • Advice, input and design work on an as needs basis, available at an hourly rate:

    • Site visit to assess suitability of an existing dwelling for a project

    • Review of drawings

    • Small design packages

    • Advice and input during construction


  • Written questionnaire for Owner to ‘download’ background thinking 

  • 1 hr Site Visit with Architect, to walk through site and discuss survey/ background thinking/ possible design options in person 

  • Outcome of meeting formalised in written Brief Document to capture intentions to be met by the design 

  • Architect to review existing drawings and site parameters

  • 2 hr hands-on Design Workshop with Architect to explore possible directions for the design through hand sketching and dialogue; sketches and layouts sent to Owner in digital format after the Workshop  

  • Confirm Project Brief in written form, including clarifying the Owner’s intentions for the project and the desired outcome

  • Establish the Owner's budget

  • Provide a Site Analysis Plan, identifying site opportunities and constraints, including planning requirements and environmental considerations for passive solar design

  • Provide two alternative Plan Options which will meet brief and requirements of site; issued to Client in digital format for review

  • Commenting on Plan options by Client at in person Design Workshop with Architect 

  • Provide revised Plan of preferred option, based on feedback and outcomes of design workshop for Client approval

  • Develop the Plans into a full Concept Design solution, including building exterior shown in elevations and 3d format; Provide other drawings or documents to adequately explain the design; issued to Client in digital format for review 

  • Commenting of Concept Design by Client at in person Design Workshop with Architect

  • Provide final Concept Design, based on feedback and outcomes of Design Workshop for Client approval

  • Explore construction methodology and materials

  • Prepare preliminary selections of materials and finishes

  • Establish a strategy with Clients on how to engage with a Builder  

  • Confirm statutory/ local authority requirements

  • Attend pre-application meeting with relevant authority prior to submission of formal application

  • Review the final design against the budget, with input from builder, and prepare updated cost estimate

  • Prepare the necessary documents for planning application and assist the client with lodging application

  • Assist the client with lodging formal application

  • Assist in obtaining approval by negotiating, responding to queries and requests from local authority, attending meetings

  • Liaise with builder to confirm construction methodology, construction details

  • Prepare floor plans, elevations, sections, construction details, lighting + electrical plans and door + window schedule to adequately explain the developed design and to enable the project to obtain a Building Permit 

  • Prepare a Schedule of materials and finishes in collaboration with Owner

  • Prepare drawings at an appropriate scale to document the interior fit out, including cabinets, tiling or wall cladding and fixtures and fittings layout

  • Provide a specification describing the quality of materials, finishes and workmanship necessary  

  • Coordinate and integrate the work of Structural Engineer, Energy Assessor and Building Surveyor 

  • Prepare a draft issue of all documents for review by Client

  • Finalise all documents based on Client feedback

  • Co-ordinate Certificate of Design Compliance to ensure fast-tracking of Building Permit 

  • Provide recommendations to the Client on preferred method of Building Contractor selection

  • Assist the Owner in determining the preferred tender process for choosing a Builder for Construction 

  • Prepare tender documents and issue to all tenderers

  • Respond to questions from tenderers

  • Receive, open and assess the tenders

  • Negotiate with the preferred tenderer if required to obtain an offer acceptable to the Owner

  • Obtain the Owner's approval to prepare the Contract Documents

  • Prepare the contract documents for signing by both parties 

  • Undertake periodic site inspections, check work in progress regarding design quality control, materials selections and performance as described in the contract documents 

  • Review shop drawings and other builder's submissions 

  • Provide supplementary details and information 

  • Provide instructions to clarify the contract documents where required 

  • Arrange and attend site meetings and other meetings as required 

  • Provide the Owner with regular reports regarding time, cost and progress 

  • Assess, and approve with Owners, progress claims, variations, and other monetary sums included in the contract

  • Assess, inspect and approve defects for practical completion 

Let's Work Together

Please get in touch to discuss your individual needs; we look forward to hearing form you! 

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