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Our recent 'Living Together, Living Better' Series concluded with a 'pitch' afternoon, where participants presented a project they would like other people's involvement in. The breadth of projects presented was inspiring: from co-ownership of a property, to involvement in established and new co-housing communities, to innovative, compassionate solutions to support those living with chronic conditions.

Below is a summary of each of the projects presented; reach out if you would like to hear more or to find ways of getting involved!


Lowry St, Shelley

Imagine yourself living in a small sustainable community, within walking distance of the Canning River and the popular Lo Quay River Café, within the Rossmoyne Senior High School zone and close to Curtin University. This project is an opportunity to be part of a unique project where you can build your sustainable home in a small group of three. The owner is looking for two like-minded parties to design and build their future residences at the rear of the property. At the front, she will build a multi-generational dwelling for herself and her daughter’s family. The project is currently in design phase and as such provides an opportunity to be involved from the start with the design and built of your future home.


St Paul’s Community, Fremantle

St Paul’s community is an established, vibrant co-housing community associated with St Paul’s Anglican Church, with residents from both within the church community and not associated with the church. The community is inviting expressions of interest from:

  • Anyone who may wish to put their names on a waitlist should any existing properties in the community become available for either rent or purchase

  • Anyone who may wish to be involved in a development to create homes for lone person households on a Hampton Rd site current occupied by an existing house; those interested could be either those who may consider renting, buying or investing in such a development


‘Living Together, Caring Better’ Concept

Interest is sought from people looking for co-housing for couples where one is supporting the other living with a chronic, life-limiting condition, age range 50-70.

Key principles:

  • Co-housing model with organisation and social structures that promote intentional community, connection, and engagement; participatory in nature

  • Practical and psychosocial support for both person with dementia and carer, shared care, resources and associated costs for interdependent ageing and caring in place

  • Coordination of quality care, advocacy, and leveraging of subsidies for the benefit of all residents

  • Consider allocation of one dwelling for low rent to healthcare professional who can assist with community care, preferably who is in need of social housing and assurance of tenure

  • Therapeutic regard for physical and built environment purposefully designed for people living with various conditions

  • Shared common spaces for recreation, gardening, laundry, meals and other communal activities

  • Promotion of values consistent with compassionate communities; ability to ask for what is needed, give what you are able, and accept assistance with grace

  • Healthy relationships and communication are keys to success – provide skilling and training accordingly

Contact: Vicki Barry


Decohousing, Denmark

Instead of buying separate blocks and building individually, nine family units from Denmark, Albany and Perth decided to collaborate and create a people-friendly, state-of-the art sustainable development in the centre of the Denmark village, comprising 12 strata titled dwellings, a common house, and shared facilities. They founded their own development company and, with the assistance of planners, architects, builders and accountants, expect to complete construction in November 2017.

DecoHousing Denmark has been purposefully designed to strike a balance between private space and shared areas, with a strong environmental ethic. The 8-9 star energy rated duplexed homes will be compact and comfortable, complemented by a common house with a large kitchen/dining area, theatre and spare room.

Limited units are still available, with potential for rental as well as purchase. Visit Decohousing website for more details.


Albany Cohousing

A new co-housing community is forming in the Albany area, inspired by the success of Decohousing and with strong interest in the community for sustainable living. If you are interested in joining a cohousing community from inception, this is your opportunity; search ‘Albany Cohousing’ to join their group on facebook.


Co-Ownership, Casuarina

A share is available to purchase in a four bedroom house + granny flat on a 10,000m2 site, set in a leafy cul-de-sac in Casuarina. The owner is offering a 50% share for less than $400,000.

The current owner envisions an independant, sustainable life style in peace and quiet, close to supportive and artistic communities.

To get a good sense of the current owner and her vision, do yourself a favour and check out her pitch set to music.

Contact Jenny Gaunt

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