Re-Imagine Your Street - Week One

As you may have noticed, we launched our crowdfunding campaign for the Re-Imagine Your Street initiative last Friday. This is a crowdfunding campaign where The Henry Project is supporting two streets in the Fremantle area to raise funds for, and then create, their own individual neighbourhood spaces. We want to make our streets great places to gather, share meals, take some time out, play and get to know each together.

The response so far has been heartwarming with contributions from as far afield as Sydney and Melbourne, and with support from local councillors and politicians as well as residents, neighbours and supporters. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Andrew Sullivan, Jane Stratton, Tim Frodsham, Shane & Joey Bal Kearney, Jo Trevelyan, Jane Korman, Peta Červenka, Jim & Patricia Meckelburg, Maureen Maher, James Rendel, Corinne Perrin, and Elizabeth Cheong for their generous contributions, they are very much appreciated!

We have raised $1,140 of the $5,000 we need to unlock the $5,000 contribution by Huddle Insurance, but as you can see, we still have a long way to go.

Any contribution you can make will be a great help.

So I invite you to please check out the campaign, and consider making a contribution.

There are lots of great rewards for both individuals and businesses that want to get involved and support these two streets, including tickets to some of Freo’s best live music gigs such as VANCE JOY and HIDDEN TREASURES (kindly donated by City of Fremantle), and invites to street parties once the funds are raised. Also, for every $5,000 raised above $10,000 The Henry Project will work with another street and help them create their own individual neighbourhood space: it’s a great opportunity for more streets to follow suit.

Any support you are able to offer would go a long way to making these streets' vision of a more connected neighbourhood a reality, and will make a genuine impact to the residents and neighbours in these communities, and their quality of life.

You can find out more and make a contribution HERE. Thanks for the support!