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Led by a registered and practicing architect, The Henry Project delivers full architectural services, with a focus on designing for multiple households across one or more titles. 

Being socially well connected improves individual wellbeing, reduces the sense of isolation, and develops strong shared communities.  The design of our homes and our streets plays a vital role in providing opportunities for these social connections to form.  

The Henry Project is built on the idea that the design of our housing should consider the social dimension of sustainable development. We aim to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of residents, neighbours and communities by providing spaces that make it easy to find connection and to sustain that social connection in the long term.

The services available include consulting, documentation, design, construction administration and facilitation. 


    On a single dwelling scale, The Henry Project model involves designing homes that allow multiple parties to own them and live in them. Each household would have its own independent space, in addition to common areas shared by all residents. This creates micro-communities at a dwelling level, with a careful balance between private and shared spaces. On a street scale, The Henry Project model re-imagines the street as a network of connected spaces, enlivened by a diversity of uses and users. Imagine multiple houses that contain common spaces: for example a shared garden, or a workshop, a co-working space, an artist's studio or craft room. The variety of spaces that could be accommodated is limited only by the interests of the households. These spaces can be offered to the surrounding neighbourhood to provide a diversity of spaces for shared use, and as places to come together. Seen in this way, our individual homes can become places with something to offer the entire community, providing genuine benefit for residents and neighbours alike. ​
    CONSULTING SERVICES Advice, input and design work on an as needs basis, available at an hourly rate. BRIEFING DOCUMENT Helping groups and communities articulate and document a project brief, inclusive of all parties needs. The focus is to capture both a vision for the built forms/ dwellings, and a cultural vision for community life. DESIGN FOR COMMUNITY Renovations, Alterations + Additions to Existing Dwellings New Individual Dwellings New Co-housing or Multi-Unit Developments Concept Designs to allow co-habitation by multiple parties, with a balance of independent and common space. Design to respond to the needs of resident group, whether they are friends, multi-generational family, intentional community or mix of investors and occupiers. PARTICIPATORY DESIGN PROCESS A series of workshops where residents co-create their community, actively contributing to the design process, with the guidance of design professionals. The focus of this process is twofold: both on the built architecture as well as the group’s cohesion and decision making process. It creates better, more relevant design outcomes when residents contribute their wisdom to the design of their living spaces. In addition, this process of coming together to make decisions is employed as a valuable tool to build good group process and decision making skills. FULL ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES Architectural services at all stages of the process, including: design development, documentation for authorities approval and construction, engagement of sub-consultants, tendering to builders and contract administration. GOVERNANCE AND FINANCE Guidance on the mechanics of co-ownership, alternative ownership structures, and related financial arrangements, including: - Procurement of custom co-ownership agreements through legal counsel. - Representation and agency with financial institutions to provide a selection of suitable finance products. COMMUNITY POLICIES Workshops with residents and follow-up documents to prepare a Shared Community Policy, that residents will use to govern their day to day community life. COMMUNITY MAINTENANCE Stand alone workshops and forums to up-skill residents after move-in, with the engagement of facilitators and mediators on an as needs basis. Please get in touch to enquire about these services and associated fees.



The Henry Project was founded by Meriam Salama.


MERIAM SALAMA is a registered and practicing  architect and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years in the architecture and design industry. She has worked in Senior Architect roles in architectural practices, managing multi-million dollar residential and institutional projects from design through to construction. She understands what is required to bring architectural developments to successful completion, having led numerous teams of architects and consultants.

In recent years, Meriam has become concerned about the increasing isolation experienced by many households in the community. She has seen the decline in affordable housing in Australia and the growth of house sizes throughout the country. She has become increasingly aware of the cost of underutilised residential spaces, not just financially, but also socially and environmentally. Meriam founded The Henry Project with a conviction to address these problems. 

She uses her architectural expertise to help people discover how our homes and shared spaces can improve our quality of life. 



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